At The Crossroads of Culture and Community

A little about Camp Mather

Camp Mather (map) was an important factor in shaping and creating the Strawberry Way. The camp is comprised of 350 acres in the Stanislaus National Forest, adjacent to Yosemite National Park. It is actually part of San Francisco, and was originally the work camp during construction of the Hetch Hetchy reservoir. The Strawberry Music Festival was proud to call Camp Mather its musical home, from 1983 until the Rim Fire of 2013.

Strawberry volunteers¬† worked hard to develop and improve the camp over those 30 years, through volunteer labor and donations, such as removing accumulated fire fuels, renovating the Mather General Store and donation of the iconic sign which still marks the doorway of the Mather General Store. It is clear that Strawberry’s efforts to improve the camp were critical in providing a base from which to fight the Rim Fire and save Camp Mather.

Thousands of performers, artists, and customers think of Strawberry when they think of Camp Mather, and rightly so. The magic of Strawberry’s musical community will forever be intertwined in the memory of the camp’s trees and pathways. We hope that our paths might cross again at the rock in the road.




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