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Projects on the Way

Rock In Road works with community partners to extend the Strawberry Music Festival cultural and community experience into the larger world, where festival community members live when not in rendezvous at the Festival.  We are developing our project initiatives, here are the things we’re working on as of the summer of 2016:

Website / Social Media – Our place and presence on the Internet at

Strawberry Way Café – Our place at the Strawberry Music Festivals and other venues for folks to congregate in the spirit of festivity and friendship. We envision the Café as our versatile way to introduce Rock In Road and offer entertainment, education and celebration.

Youth Intern Project – The Youth Intern project is with partners Buhach Colony High School, MakersLab, and Strawberry Music. The initial project is to include students as novice coders in helping to develop a Strawberry Way Application.  The students are to be tutored by professional coders from MakersLab, a group of professionals interested in 3D design and innovation. The Intern project is intended to grow in partnerships with other schools and professional groups to include different interests and intern topics.

The Strawberry Way Kids Project – Done in partnership with the Festival community, Strawberry Music, local schools and community partners, the project will enhance the Festival kids program as a “festival within a festival” and take elements into the larger community to entertain, educate and celebrate.

Musical Instrument Sharing Project – With local school band supporters and festival and local community partners the project is to provide a network conduit that collects unused, spare or other available musical instruments for local school bands to make available to their young band members.

Digital Archives Project – In partnership with Strawberry Music the project will identify and collect images, sounds and videos from festival community members of past Festivals to convert them to digital files for an online archive.  The project will also manage an archival collection process for future Festival and Rock In Road activities.

Community Input Project – We are asking the Strawberry Music Festival Community for input through our online survey and at the fall Festival.  We want to know –

  • What does the Strawberry Way mean to you?
  • How do you see the Strawberry Way extending into the broader world?
  • How do you see yourself helping to extend the Strawberry Way into the broader world?

(click here for our online survey)

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