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About Us


Rock In Road Inc. is a California non-profit corporation with IRS 501 (c) (3) tax status.

Our Mission for Rock In Road Inc. is to facilitate and extend into the larger world the culture that has grown from the Strawberry Music Festival Community.”

Our Vision is that Rock In Road Inc. will nurture creative expression that inspires a sense of culture, community, and personal engagement by partnering with individuals and groups that embrace the spirit of the Strawberry Way.

Core Strategies:

  • Recruit and involve our volunteers to provide capacity to leverage our results that entertain, educate and celebrate the Strawberry Way.
  • Be adept at using creativity to enhance the Strawberry Music Festival Community’s cultural experience and extend elements of that experience into the larger world community.
  • Grow the capacity to apply our resources effectively in order to benefit our work to enhance and extend the Strawberry Way.
  • Utilize our Website and Social Media as a core communicating and coordinating infrastructure for our work.


The Board of Directors is responsible for organizational governance, assures that policies and strategic direction are clear, and the organizations functions are monitored and evaluated. The Board work’s at specific functions, tasks, or other activities through the Committee structure it has created: Executive Committee, Finance Committee, Planning Committee and the Website / Social Media Committee.  Committee members are appointed by the Board of Directors; Committees appoint work groups of volunteers to help do specific projects (tasks).

The Executive Committee, consisting of Board officers (Chairperson, Treasurer, and Secretary), is responsible for follow up on Board actions as needed, provide admin support for the Board, and manage Board meeting logistics.

The Finance Committee is responsible to the Board to oversee accounting and finance.  The Committee files CA and federal fiscal reports and tax filings, recommends fiscal policies and procedures, reviews and comments on draft plan budgets, and other tasks needed to support and manage accounting and finance.

The Planning Committee is responsible to the Board to oversee planning activities, including but not limited to research, analysis, writing and otherwise developing plans for Board review for approval. The Planning Committee does its work through project or task work groups.

Operational Committees:  The Website / Social Media Committee is an operational committee managed and coordinated jointly for the Board by the Planning and Finance Committees. The Committee is responsible to develop and manage RIR Inc.’s main communications infrastructure, its website/ social media capacity.

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